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Mortadella Bologna IGP is a deli meat, made entirely using pork meat, cylindrical or oval in shape, pink, with a strong smell, and lightly spiced.

ย The meat is carefully selected and ground. Then small cubes of fat are prepared, these give the characteristic sweetness to this deli meat. The mixture is made into sausages and cooked for several hours, even days for larger mortadellas. This is the most delicate stage, the one which gives the mortadella its characteristic smell and typical tenderness. The process uses special dry air ovens, with cooking times varying from just a few hours to an entire day.

ย The product is then sprayed with cold water and left to stabilize in a cooler. Becoming truly unique.

It has a full and well-balanced flavor thanks to the pieces of fat from the pigโ€™s throat which add sweetness to the deli meat. Once cut, the surface is smooth with a uniform bright pink color.

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