Omino Bianco Bianco Vivo (1L)

Omino Bianco Bianco Vivo (1L)

正價 $128.00
Product: Omino Bianco Bianco Vivo Gel is the specific liquid additive for all white fabrics that immediately whitens and makes garments brighter
Action: its formula enhanced with active bleaching agents, whitens and preserves the whiteness and restores the counter to yellowed and graying garments
Respect fabrics: the product respects all fabrics from cotton to more delicate ones such as wool, silk, lace and synthetic fibers
Washing machine use: add the product directly to the usual detergent in the washing compartment or in the drum; add a dose of Omino Bianco Vivo (100ml) and start washing immediately
Manual washing use: add a dose (100 ml) of product in 5 liters of water to the usual detergent; soak the garments and leave to soak for 20-30 minutes





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