Dry yeast "Mastro Fornaio" for pizza, focaccia and bread (3 x 7g)

Dry yeast "Mastro Fornaio" for pizza, focaccia and bread (3 x 7g)

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PANEANGELI Mastro Fornaio Yeast comes from the dehydration of brewer's yeast: this process allows the product to last longer. Unlike fresh yeast, it does not perish in a few days but retains its properties for more than a year.
Mastro Fornaio Yeast requires that the dough be leavened before proceeding to cooking; therefore it is suitable for the preparation of both sweet and savory products that require natural and slow leavening, such as bread, focaccia, pizzas and calzoni, as well as brioches, krapfen, savarin, donuts, braids and babà.

The method of use of Mastro Fornaio Yeast is one of its strengths: it must neither be dissolved nor reactivated in water, but is added directly to the flour by combining two teaspoons of sugar. The leavening of the dough takes place outside the oven, in a warm place covered with a damp cloth to double the volume. As a guideline, the times are about 40 minutes for sweet doughs and about 20 minutes for savory doughs.
Thanks to PANEANGELI the traditional brewer's yeast becomes a convenient ally even for the most modern pastry chefs!





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