Cipolla di Tropea Onion Tropea (around 300g)

Cipolla di Tropea Onion Tropea (around 300g)

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The red onions are unmistakable onions for the peculiar characteristics that affect the shape, color and flavor.
The red onions are grown in various parts of Calabria but the places of production are: Capo Vaticano, Briatico, Amantea and Nicotera.
General characteristics of Tropea onions
Tropea onions have a special shape and distinctive ovoid or slightly rounded, red wrapper - purple and white color internal tunics. The flavor is sweet, high digeribilità.La onion, ideal for fried, pickled, in mixed salads with fresh tomatoes, olives and oregano, is the main ingredient of many goodies including ice cream and a delicious jam with excellent meat, with cheese pecorino cheese, with cheese, gorgonzola and omelettes in general.





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