Friselle Integrali  (400g)

Friselle Integrali (400g)

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Whole wheat flour 60%, wheat flour type 00, water, salt, natural yeast.

Friselle are a typical dish of Campania and Puglia, made with white or wholemeal flour, and seasoned with simple and genuine ingredients, such as mixed salads or tomatoes, garlic, oil and basil. They are cooked twice in the oven, and for this reason they are biscuits: before eating them, they must therefore be softened with a little water. Tasty and quick to prepare, they need some attention for the result to be perfect.

Tomatoes, peppers, artichokes, cucumbers: with whatever vegetables you want to season the friselle, the important thing is that they are fresh, freshly prepared. Then cut, season and let all the ingredients mix well, but never more than half an hour before, otherwise you will find soft vegetables cooked in oil, which have lost their crunchiness forever.